South Bend Clinic Accountable Care


ACO Name and Location:

Michiana Accountable Care Organization, LLC

Doing Business As: South Bend Clinic Accountable Care
211 N. Eddy St.
South Bend, Indiana 46617

ACO Primary Contact:

Paul Meyer

ACO Participants:

South Bend Clinic
No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.
The participants that formed this ACO are professionals involved in a group practice.  

ACO Governing Body:

  • Robert Oppman, M.D., Chairman, voting member, ACO Participant
  • Bradley Scott, M.D., voting member, ACO Participant
  • Alfredo Casetti, M.D., voting member, ACO Participant
  • David Isaacson, M.D., voting member, ACO Participant
  • Steven Crowell, M.D., voting member, ACO Participant
  • Daniel Brier, M.D., voting member, ACO Participant
  • Jeffrey Niespodziany, D.P.M., voting member, ACO Participant
  • Martyn Wills, M.D., voting member, Medicare Beneficiary

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership:

  • Paul Meyer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Nels Leininger, M.D., Medical Director, Quality Assurance/Improvement Official
  • David Murray, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Scott Tuma, Chief Operating Officer
  • Lisa Wine, Chief Financial Officer

ACO Committees:

  • Quality Improvement and Compliance Committee:  Brian Carter, M.D., Chair
  • Finance Committee: Alfredo Casetti, M.D., Chair

Identification of the Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that formed the ACO:

The sole Participant and owner/sponsor are The South Bend Clinic and its complete roster of physician and advanced practice/allied health Providers.  The Participant are individuals in a group practice arrangement

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses:

  • Performance year 1 - not in operation
  • 2014 - $1,311,439.00
  • 2015 - $0

How Shared Savings Are Distributed:

Of the Shared Savings received for 2014, 90% was distributed to the Participant and 10% retained to cover infrastructure cost.

Accountable Care Organization Quality Performance Report


 2014 Quality Performance Report