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His dream of becoming a cardiologist started at the age of five, before he even knew what a doctor was.   And Rickyn Patel, D.O. can pinpoint the exact moment.  “I saw a model of the heart on a doctor’s desk when I was five,” Rickyn says.  “My dad worked in a hospital.  He brought me there one day and I saw the model and was just enamored by it and was asking, ‘What is this?  What are these holes? What are these little things?’  He took me to one of the cardiologists there who explained what everything was.  From then on, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Rickyn was so sure, he launched into science fair projects about smoking cessation and enrolled at the Michael E. DeBakey High School for health professions before going on to medical school, his residency and his cardiovascular disease fellowship. 

As a doctor, Rickyn strives to build relationships based on mutual respect and trust.  “Whether it’s a good friend of mine that I’m treating or somebody that I’m just meeting on day one, I’m going to treat you like my mother, father, brother, or sister. “  That means even if a lab result is normal, he calls a patient to let them know.  He also talks to patients who are smoking or who aren’t exercising, and provides advice about improving their cardiovascular health.  It’s the kind of talk he  would have with someone in his own family.   “A lot of times, it’s too easy to tell you to take these medicines and walk out the door.  There’s no relationship there.  I ask questions about what you do for a living, how many kids you have, etc. “

While Rickyn was born in Texas, his brother was born in Carmel, Indiana so Rickyn says he’s been an Irish fan, watching Notre Dame, for as long as he can remember. 

Rickyn is married, enjoys hiking with his wife and his German Shepherd, and also loves cars.  He’s also an avid sports fan and enjoys rooting for his hometown teams.  

 To schedule an appointment with him, please call 574.239.1433.




Posted on November 10, 2016