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July 2, 2015 - We got the most heartwarming visit from the Albright family today who stopped by to thank one of our South Bend Pediatrics doctors for her extraordinary care.  12-year-old P.J. Albright started experiencing extreme pain in his ankle a couple of weekends ago.   It began over a weekend, so his family first took him to a walk-in clinic and later, to an area ER, when his symptoms escalated.  He was running a very high fever.  They explained P.J. previously had osteomyelitis, a bone infection, in his knee, and they were worried it might be back in his ankle. 


Both times, doctors told the family P.J. had a sprained ankle.  Reegan Albright says her “mother’s intuition” told her otherwise, and they got in to see Dr. Lori Wykoff, who was the after-hours physician at The South Bend Clinic. 


Reegan says Dr. Wykoff listened to their concerns and her son’s history and felt it was more than a sprained ankle.  She immediately started arranging for their emergency visit to Riley Children’s Hospital.  Phil Albright, P.J.’s father said, “She examined the patient instead of relying on the labs.”


But they were very impressed that night when the phone rang at 9pm as they were preparing for the trip to Riley early in the morning.  They say it was Dr. Wycoff asking if she could meet them near their home to deliver a paper copy of their son’s entire medical record.  She had faxed his history but told the family she would feel more comfortable if they had it in hand.  Reegan says she gets tears in her eyes when she thinks about that. 


Doctors at Riley found P.J. had osteomyelitis, the same severe fast growing infection he had before, but this time in his ankle.  And they told the Albrights they were very glad they got there when they did.  They still don’t know why he is getting these bone infections, but they will be doing extensive testing after he fully recovers.


The Albright family says they will forever be grateful to South Bend Clinic Pediatrics and Dr. Wykoff for understanding the value of listening to the patient, for going the extra mile, and for caring. 

“I can’t imagine how sick our little boy would’ve been without her sending him when she did,” Reegan says.   “We feel like she’s our hero and our angel on earth.” 



Posted on July 02, 2015