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One local doctor is now doing a new FDA approved treatment that promises to make the double chin disappear without surgery. 

This procedure can be done in a doctor’s office in less than 20 minutes.

Experts say it's bigger and better than Botox because this procedure for the most part is permanent!

Dr. Holly Harris, a dermatologist with the South Bend Clinic, is making the infamous double chin disappear in only 15 minutes.

"It might be that you've gained weight and you're heavy but it can be just genetic. We have 30-year-olds that are lined up to get this done because their genetically prone to this and sometimes it's just age related,” Dr. Harris said.

It's a brand new FDA-approved treatment for neck fat, called Kybella.

"What it does actually destroys the fat cells and turns the fat to a liquid fat which is then just naturally carried away by the body,” Dr. Harris explains.

Dr. Harris was one of the few doctors who took part in the study back in 2012.

"The actual improvement was so impressive that we knew exactly who was on placebo and who was not."

Doctors say the best part about the tiny injections is that it is permanent.

"After about two sessions we will see about 30% improvements. After three sessions about 45% and after four about 55% improvement,” said Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris says most patients go back to work that day with possible bruising and some swelling as side effects.

"We never had anything like this before to use for fat it's the first non-surgical option.”

The cost of each session runs around $1,100.

Some Cosmetic centers have advertised the injections on the use of belly fat and love handles, as well.

But the FDA wants to caution everyone that they have not approved the injections for anywhere else on the body but the chin. 

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Posted on October 15, 2015