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Ann Broz, M.D. is pictured alongside Mark Meekhof, M.D.

Ann Broz, M.D. is pictured alongside Mark Meekhof, M.D.

Once in a while, you meet someone who you just know has found their calling.  Ann Broz, M.D., The South Bend Clinic’s newest OB/GYN, is one of them.   She fondly recalls being on vacation recently when she saw a woman at a bus stop with a newborn baby.  “I wanted to run up and ask her about the baby.  ‘How old is she?  How was your delivery?’” And she remembers thinking to herself, “I miss my patients.  I miss my job.  I think my vacation is over.” 

But how Ann came to realize she wanted to be an OB/GYN is fascinating.  Right before medical school, she was working as an EMT and she started going to Guatemala every six months as a volunteer, to train paramedics and firefighters.   She also helped out with general medical clinics.  There, volunteering in small OB/GYN clinics in bush villages, she discovered how quickly the doctor and patients in that specialty, formed relationships. 

“These are people who had never seen a gynecologist before,” she says, “and within three minutes of meeting this patient, this doctor was able to do an exam and make them feel comfortable to the point that before they left, the patient gave the doctor a hug and was saying, ‘God bless you.’”

Ann also remembers vividly the turning point when she knew she needed to specialize in gynecology.  “One day, we had a woman, 38-years-old, with six children who rode a bus for three hours to see us.  She had never seen a gynecologist before,” she says.  “She had a house with a dirt floor, no running water, and no electricity.  She and her husband were living off the land.  She had a huge mass that she’d had for a while and pain.  I’ll never forget the doctor I was working with turning to me to say, ‘This is cancer, and it’s so far along, there’s nothing we can do about it.’”

Cervical cancer is treatable if caught earlier, but in this case, the woman died four months later, leaving six children without a mother, and a husband without a wife.  At that point, Ann vowed to do everything she could to never let it happen again. 

Fast forward to today,  Ann Broz, M.D.,  is a bilingual OB/GYN who is forging those close relationships and making a real difference with her patients at The South Bend Clinic every day.  And still passionate about medical missionary work, she travels to volunteer in Guatemala every year.   

Dr. Broz is accepting new patients at her office on our Granger Campus.  Call 574.243.2221 for an appointment with her today.

Posted on January 03, 2017