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It isn’t unusual to see kids carrying around a doctor kit.  But for Alicia Wilson, D.O., the fascination with being a doctor “stuck.”   “My parents say I wanted to be a pediatrician since I was in 4th grade,” Alicia says.  “I had that little Fisher Price doctor kit and I used to carry that thing around with me all of the time.  I wasn’t afraid of the doctor like some kids.”  Her mom’s also a nurse, so that also may have influenced her just a little!

Alicia, who is now a mother herself, chose her career in pediatrics because she has always loved kids.   “They are so much fun,” she says.  “They say hilarious things so you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face all day. “    She’s a natural at having fun with her young patients in the office so they want to come back.  And she loves the special relationships she has, not only with her patients, but with the whole family, relationships that span many phases.   “Teaming up with parents is important.  We have to be a team.  And with kids, I like to be someone they can trust, especially as they are getting older and getting into their more independent years, adolescence.  I think trust and open communication is a huge part of the physician/ patient relationship.”   

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Alicia was drawn to The South Bend Clinic because she really liked the idea of having so many specialists under one roof for the convenience of her patients.  If a case presents itself that is beyond her expertise, she can consult with one of our other specialists, often down the hall, to save a patient time and money.    

She also loves that growing her practice in South Bend at The South Bend Clinic enables her, her husband and their young daughter to be close to her family.    

When she’s not seeing patients, Alicia loves to cook and bake. 

Alicia is accepting new patients at The South Bend Clinic’s Main Campus on North Eddy Street.  For an appointment with her, call 574.233.7337.


Posted on December 08, 2016