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COVID Vaccine Registration and Eligibility Information - Indiana | Michigan


Testing Information

South Bend Clinic patients will be referred to their Primary Care Physician for evaluation.  For non-South Bend Clinic patients, please feel free to visit our Immediate Care Center located at 301 E. Day Rd., Mishawaka or 211 N. Eddy St., South Bend for evaluation or check out our Immediate Care online, DocIN. 

Masks are Required

We are requiring all individuals ages 2 and up to wear a mask throughout their visit.  Failure to comply, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment to a virtual visit if available.  We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to protect the health of our staff and patients. 

Current COVID-19 Testing Turn Around Time (PCR)

As of 9/23/21: 43 hours


    UPDATE: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

    The South Bend Clinic is offering the Moderna Vaccine.  To make an appointment or to establish care, please contact us at 574-234-8161.

    To see a full list of eligibility, visit

    • People on the list who should not receive a coronavirus vaccine include:
      • Anyone with a prior severe allergic reaction to any component of the COVID-19 vaccine
      • Do not meet the age criteria (under age 12)
      • Actively has the virus in which case they should complete the 10 day quarantine period before receiving vaccine.
    • Contact your physician prior to receiving the vaccine if:
      • You have had a severe allergic reaction to vaccines in the past. Those who have allergies to foods, pets, and stinging insects can safely receive the vaccine. Those with a history of anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) to medications, foods, insects, or other causes should wait 30 minutes after receiving a COVID vaccine.
      • You have other concerns.

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