Diabetes Classes 2020

Diabetes Classes 2020

We invite YOU to attend our diabetes classes here at the South Bend Clinic. Our goal is to teach you the necessary skills to take control of your diabetes.

The South Bend Clinic’s Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education. Our classes are available four times a year, consisting of four 90- minute sessions.

Each class covers a different topic:

  • Class 1: Defining and diagnosing diabetes along with importance of blood glucose monitoring.
  • Class 2: Benefits and side effects of medications and reducing risk of complications related to diabetes.
  • Class 3: Basic nutrition and benefit of exercise.
  • Class 4:Principles of carbohydrate counting.

How will this class benefit you?

  • Participants experience an average decrease of 1.43% in HgbA1C
  • Individualized attention from diabetes professionals.
  • Improve your outlook on diabetes management.
  • Interact with others who are facing similar issues.

These classes are covered by Medicare and other insurance  providers.









Ask your healthcare provider today about how to enroll!
For more information, call or email: 574-237-9331