Justin Schwalbe, M.D.

  • University of Wisconsin – undergraduate
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Mayo Clinic Health System – residency
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Dr. Schwalbe, a Family Doctor at The South Bend Clinic’s Ironwood Campus, completed his residency with the Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he grew up.

Over the years, Dr. Schwalbe has worked his way up through the ranks of medicine. While studying for his Physics and Engineering degrees at the University of Wisconsin, he had a medical issue of his own. With daily wound packing for about 4 weeks, he got to know the doctors and nurses at the student health center very well. The “doctor seed” was planted, and soon it was all he could think about. Eventually he started working at the student health center as a Medical Assistant while completing coursework and applying for medical school. Many years later, Dr. Schwalbe still calls upon these experiences as he helps others heal and live healthy lives.

Dr. Schwalbe’s favorite part of being a family doctor is taking care of kids and the rest of their families. He almost decided to be a pediatrician but decided upon Family Medicine because it allowed him to see both kids and adults, which is very fulfilling. His sense of humor allows him to be goofy with kids, which helps them get over being afraid of “the big scary doctor.” (Sometimes, he needs to be goofy with adults, too! Sometimes laughter IS the best medicine.)

He is a member of the American Association of Family Physicians.

In his spare time, Dr. Schwalbe loves spending time with his wife and three daughters. They mean the world to him!

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