Allergy & Immunology

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  • Comprehensive care for allergy and asthma patients of all ages.
  • Experts in the treatment of food allergies, drug allergies, hives, and contact dermatitis.
  • The best physicians for sinus infections and recurring infections.

Allergy & Immunology Care

At South Bend Clinic, our doctors have long-term or lifelong relationships with their patients. Because they are familiar with a patient’s history, less time is required to gather information and prescribe care.

Comprehensive & Caring

Our board-certified allergists provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages with a wide range of allergic and respiratory diseases. These include allergic rhinitis, sinus disease, asthma, food allergies, headaches and reactions to insect stings and medications.

Experienced & Professional

We also care for a variety of immune deficiency diseases, including chronic infections, hypogammaglobulinemia, and other illnesses. Our combined years of experience in treating these problems and our professional staff assure you of the best allergy care available.

Why South Bend Clinic?

We have the largest physician-owned, multi-specialty group in Indiana. Doctors come to South Bend Clinic because of the support we offer. We handle the administrative duties and free them to just ‘be doctors.’ Because of this, we draw the best doctors in the area.

Current Clinic Research Studies:

If you are interested in any of our studies, please call 574-204-6192

Severe asthma – adult
Moderate asthma – adult

Primary Immunodeficiency IVIG- pediatrics

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