Phone:  574-237-9295

  • Four convenient ways to fill your prescription
  • One Point program to synchronize refills for multiple recurring prescriptions.
  • Home Delivery

Convenient Service

We offer The South Bend Clinic Pharmacy as another level of service and a convenience for our patients.  It enables patients to fill their prescription right here at The South Bend Clinic’s main campus on North Eddy Street right after an appointment.  The pharmacy hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Closed weekends and major holidays.

There are four ways to have your prescription filled:

  • Download the app to your phone through your Iphone or Android App store.  Search for The South Bend Clinic Pharmacy name.
  • Submit your prescription information to the Pharmacy online.
  • Mail your request: The South Bend Clinic Pharmacy, 211 North Eddy Street, South Bend, IN  46617
  • Contact the Pharmacy directly at 574-237-9295

One-Point Program

Do you have more than one prescription?  No Problem!  We also offer a service called, One Point, in which the pharmacist works with your doctors to synchronize refills from more than one reoccurring prescription.

It’s important to note:  The information above applies to refilling prescriptions only.  If you need to request a new prescription, go through the Patient Portal or contact your provider directly.

Home Delivery

Eliminate your monthly visits to the Pharmacy and never run out of medication.

Three Easy Ways to Sign Up:

  1. Call us and we will start processing your refill.
  2. Go online to easily request your refill.
  3. While onsite, ask the pharmacist to send the next refill to your door.
Why South Bend Clinic?

At South Bend Clinic, we make things convenient for our patients. Whether it’s scheduling pediatric visits online or having prescriptions delivered right to your door, we are there when you need us.

Our doctors have long-term or lifelong relationships with their patients. Because they are familiar with a patient’s history, less time is required to gather information and prescribe care.


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