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Integrated Behavioral Health

What is Integrated Behavioral Health? Adult and Pediatrics

Whole Body Healthcare: Physical. Emotional. Behavioral.

Your mind and body aren’t separate, why should your healthcare be?

Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) is a comprehensive healthcare service that blends the treatment of medical conditions and related behavioral health factors into one setting. The purpose of integrated behavioral healthcare is to treat the whole person through collaboration with medical and behavioral health providers.

Behavioral Health Providers are part of your team.

What do Behavioral Health Providers Do?
  • Consults and collaborates with the primary care provider or pediatrician.
  • Offers brief patient and family support around behavioral and emotional health concerns.
  • Provides tips and strategies to improve mental wellbeing.
  • Assists patients and families in finding community resources.
  • Provides behavioral, cognitive and emotional assessments.

**Patient must have established care with a South Bend Clinic provider in order to make an appointment.  If you are interested , ask your provider for a referral to one of our Integrated Behavioral Health providers.


If your pediatrician/primary care provider is referring you to an IBH Provider, what does that mean? Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your visit with IBH.


What should I expect at my first IBH visit?

  • The IBH provider will meet with you or your child for 15-30 minutes to learn more about the concerns bringing you in.
  • The provider will talk with you about treatment recommendations.
  • Treatment may include education, skills development, problem solving, or other behavioral health techniques.
  • The provider may schedule a follow up appointment with you in a few weeks, if needed.
  • The provider may recommend that you follow up with a specialty mental health provider after the initial visit.

Will my insurance cover the IBH visit?

Most insurance companies do cover behavioral health and the IBH provider is in network with several insurance companies. You should contact your insurance before your appointment to verify coverage and contact the clinic if you have any questions or concerns.

Will the IBH provider be my/my child’s therapist from now on?

Yes and no.

  • Yes, the IBH provider is available to you, just like your pediatrician/primary care provider is available, but there are times when the IBH provider will recommend treatment that is more frequent or more specialized than they can offer. This is like your primary care doctor referring you to another specialty provider like an ENT to treat frequent ear infections or to an orthopedic doctor for chronic knee pain after an injury.
  • The IBH provider will be available to you when behavioral health needs come up, and each time, will assess the current concern, provide treatment, and recommend referrals when needed.
  • IBH is not long term, weekly therapy. Many people do not need long term therapy and we find that providing tools, focusing on education, resiliency, and skill building is often the best way to treat the current concern. Most patients see the IBH provider 1-3 times for a presenting concern.
  • If long term or weekly therapy is requested or needed, a referral will be made to the appropriate provider.

What if a problem comes up that I feel is urgent?

If an urgent behavioral health concern arises, call the clinic and let us know. The primary care physician and IBH provider will determine the best way to support you/your child. This might mean coming to the clinic for a visit that day to meet with one of the providers.

How is this different than mental health or therapy?

  • IBH is part of your overall health care and the IBH provider offers brief consultations to help the patient and medical provider better understand the presenting concern.
  • IBH is focused on whole body health care and is used to help with medical and emotional/behavioral concerns.
  • IBH providers may offer treatment recommendations that are solution-focused including education, coping skills development, or problem solving.
  • Brief follow up appointments are sometimes recommended.
  • The IBH provider works side by side with your pediatrician/primary care provider and together, this team-based approach is a very effective way to manage your overall physical, emotional, and behavioral health.

Are the IBH appointments confidential?

Like any other medical professional, there are policies in place to protect you/your child’s privacy. The IBH provider will quickly review with you the limitations to privacy at your visit. The IBH provider also shares a record keeping system with the pediatrician/primary care provider so that both providers can provide more holistic care. The IBH provider and primary care provider work as a team and discussion about treatment and recommendations is part of the plan.

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