Biliary Disorders

Bil­iary dis­or­ders are a group of con­di­tions affect­ing the bile ducts with­in the liv­er and gall­blad­der and can affect the flow of bile from the liv­er to the small intes­tine. Bil­iary dis­or­ders can cause a vari­ety of issues, for exam­ple, bile back up into the intestines or blood­stream and improp­er absorp­tion of nutri­ents. Some of the symp­toms include jaun­dice, pain in the upper abdomen, nau­sea, vom­it­ing, light brown urine, fever, chills and unex­plained weight loss. Obe­si­ty, aging, a high-fat diet, and hav­ing a genet­ic pre­dis­po­si­tion for bil­iary issues can all increase your risk of devel­op­ing bil­iary disorders.