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Have AFIB? Looking for an alternative to blood thinners?

In the last year, over 100 patients have experienced the Watchman difference and have successfully stopped taking blood thinners while reducing their risk of stroke.

South Bend Clinic Cardiologist, Dr. Naseer Nasser was the first in the region to perform the Watchman procedure, and to date he has performed more than 100 Watchman procedures with outstanding results.

MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy

Changes in feminine health are real and now there is a real option to consider. If you are in the postmenopausal stage of your life or, you are not a candidate for hormone therapy you may want to read more.

Plantar Fascitis is More Common Than What You May Think

If you suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis, you can read more about your options from Dr. Deming.

Do you need a Primary Care Physician?

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Family Medicine

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