Bone Disorders

Con­di­tions include osteo­poro­sis, osteope­nia and oth­er bone dis­or­ders. Endocri­nol­o­gists help treat bone loss and pre­vent frac­ture with a vari­ety of avail­able medications.

Osteo­poro­sis — Osteo­poro­sis is a con­di­tion marked by weak and brit­tle bones. Peo­ple with osteo­poro­sis are more like­ly to frac­ture their bones. For many adults, a frac­ture is the first symp­tom of osteoporosis.

Paget’s dis­ease — Your bones are con­stant­ly replac­ing the cells they are made up of with new cells to keep your bones strong as you age. Prob­lems with this recy­cling process can lead to prob­lems with the bone’s strength and struc­ture. The dis­ease is most com­mon­ly treat­ed with medication.