Dia­betes is a chron­ic con­di­tion where insulin lev­els pro­duced by the pan­creas are insuf­fi­cient or not used effec­tive­ly by the body for ener­gy. There is no cure for dia­betes, but rou­tine vis­its with your med­ical provider can help con­trol your blood sug­ars and pre­vent organ damage. 

Dia­betes can be bro­ken down into three dif­fer­ent diagnoses:

Type 1 - This type of dia­betes occurs when your body does not pro­duce enough insulin. Tak­ing sup­ple­men­tal insulin will help keep your blood sug­ar lev­els in a healthy range and help pre­vent organ damage. 

Type 2 - This type of dia­betes is the most com­mon. Type 2 dia­betes occurs when your body does not uti­lize its insulin appro­pri­ate­ly, caus­ing high blood sug­ar lev­els. Treat­ment can include oral med­ica­tions, injec­tions, and/​or insulin