Duodenum Cancer (Small Intestine Cancer)

Duo­de­num can­cer (small intes­tine can­cer) is a rare type of can­cer that forms in the upper­most part of the small intes­tine. There are four types of small intes­tine can­cer. The first type is ade­no­car­ci­no­ma, this devel­ops in the glan­du­lar cells that line the inside of the small intes­tine. The sec­ond type, sar­co­ma, devel­ops in the mus­cle and oth­er sup­port­ing tis­sues with­in the small intes­tine. The third type, car­ci­noid tumors, devel­op in the neu­roen­docrine cells of the small intes­tine and is slow-grow­ing. The fourth type is lym­phomas, they form in cells called lym­pho­cytes with­in the small intes­tine. Some symp­toms of duo­de­num can­cer are abdom­i­nal pain, bloody stool, diar­rhea, ane­mia, jaun­dice, and unex­plained weight loss. Smok­ing, drink­ing alco­hol, eat­ing a lot or red/​processed meat, having/​had colon can­cer, hav­ing Crohn’s or celi­ac dis­ease, and being of old­er age are all risk fac­tors for devel­op­ing duo­de­num cancer.