Abnor­mal cal­ci­um lev­els may indi­cate a parathy­roid dis­or­der. The parathy­roid hor­mone (PTH) reg­u­lates cal­ci­um. When too much PTH is released, cal­ci­um may become stripped from your bones and cause bone loss. Parathy­roid dis­or­ders can be detect­ed through rou­tine blood work. Some­times surgery is recommended.

Hyper­parathy­roidism — Occurs when your parathy­roid over­pro­duces hor­mones, impact­ing the amount of cal­ci­um in your blood­stream. Dis­pro­por­tion­ate lev­els of cal­ci­um can lead to bone dis­or­ders and pos­si­bly kid­ney stones. Your provider may rec­om­mend med­ica­tion or surgery to treat hyperparathyroidism.