Persistent Abdominal Pain

Most stom­ach pain is sug­ges­tive of gas pains or a stom­ach virus, how­ev­er, the symp­toms of appen­dici­tis are also nau­sea, some vom­it­ing and abdom­i­nal pain. In cas­es of appen­dici­tis, the pain is mild and near the navel for the first eight hours or so, and lat­er moves toward the low­er right abdomen. Sud­den, severe, cramp-like pain that makes your child cry is not like­ly to be appen­dici­tis. If abdom­i­nal pain lasts longer than eight to 12 hours or is wors­en­ing, an exam­i­na­tion by a physi­cian is nec­es­sary to deter­mine the cause.