Thyroid Conditions

Con­di­tions that stem from the thy­roid over or under­pro­duc­ing thy­roid hormones.

Graves’ dis­ease - Occurs when the immune sys­tem attacks the thy­roid, caus­ing hyper­thy­roidism, send­ing hor­mone pro­duc­tion into over­drive. Graves’ dis­ease is an autoim­mune dis­or­der that can be treat­ed with surgery, med­ica­tion and/​or radi­a­tion. If left untreat­ed, Graves’ dis­ease can impact your bone and heart health. Your endocri­nol­o­gists can diag­nose Graves’ dis­ease with a blood test and/​or imaging.

Hypothy­roidism - This thy­roid con­di­tion is dis­tin­guished by the under­pro­duc­tion of the hor­mones pro­duced by your thy­roid. Your med­ical provider may pre­scribe med­ica­tion that restores thy­roid hor­mone lev­els back to normal.

Thy­roid can­cer - Occurs when thy­roid cells mutate at an abnor­mal rate, caus­ing a tumor to form. The main form of treat­ment is removal of the thy­roid gland.

Thy­roid nod­ules — These nod­ules are formed from thy­roid cells grow­ing at an abnor­mal rate, result­ing in a lump. In most cas­es, the nod­ules are benign.