Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)

Accel­er­at­ed Par­tial Breast Irra­di­a­tion (APBI) is a local­ized form of radi­a­tion treat­ment (brachyther­a­py) that involves the implan­ta­tion of a radioac­tive seed to destroy can­cer cells that may remain after surgery. This high­ly effec­tive dose of radi­a­tion great­ly reduces treat­ment times for patients com­pared to oth­er ther­a­pies, with treat­ment tak­ing place twice a day for five days.

At DuPage Med­ical Group, radi­a­tion oncol­o­gists use the Strut Assist­ed Vol­ume Implant (SAVI®) appli­ca­tor for breast brachyther­a­py, which deliv­ers radi­a­tion from inside the breast. The SAVI appli­ca­tor is insert­ed into the tumor cav­i­ty through a small inci­sion in the breast about one to four weeks after a lumpec­to­my. Each catheter can expand to fit the size and shape of the breast cav­i­ty and has a tiny radioac­tive seed placed into each catheter.