BAHA System

The BAHA sys­tem may be an effec­tive solu­tion for patients that have mixed hear­ing loss, con­duc­tive hear­ing loss, sin­gle-sided deaf­ness (SSD) with good hear­ing in the oth­er ear. BAHA is a sur­gi­cal­ly implant­ed device that func­tions by send­ing sound through vibra­tion to the good”ear. The sys­tem uti­lizes a small tita­ni­um implant placed in the skull behind the ear which will hold a small sound proces­sor. The sys­tem is based on the process of osseoin­te­gra­tion” which means:

  1. The sound waves are received by the proces­sor and changed into vibrations.
  2. These vibra­tions from the proces­sor are trans­ferred from abut­ment to the tita­ni­um implant.
  3. Then the implant uses bone con­duc­tion to trans­fer sound vibra­tions to the cochlea, as you can see in the illus­tra­tion below.

Exter­nal­ly, the BAHA sys­tem appears as you see below: