Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Com­po­nents of this hear­ing aid are housed in a small case that rests behind the ear. Sound is direct­ed into the ear through a tube held in place with a cus­tom shell, called an ear­mold, that fits into your ear. This hear­ing aid style allows for the great­est amount of ampli­fi­ca­tion and is espe­cial­ly nec­es­sary for patients with severe or pro­found hear­ing loss. Often patients with lim­it­ed phys­i­cal dex­ter­i­ty appre­ci­ate the eas­i­er-to-manip­u­late size and dura­bil­i­ty of this style of hear­ing aid case. Due to growth, safe­ty, and the like­li­hood of using an addi­tion­al assis­tive lis­ten­ing device in school, this style is often rec­om­mend­ed for children.