Continuous Glucose Monitors

A con­tin­u­ous diag­nos­tic glu­cose mon­i­tor (CGM) is a wear­able device used to mea­sure your blood sug­ar lev­els through­out the day and night. It allows your doc­tor to detect pat­terns in your blood sug­ars, adding spe­cif­ic insight for the most effec­tive treat­ment and man­age­ment plan.

We offer the fol­low­ing diagnostic/​personal CGM options:

  • Dex­com
  • FreeStyle Libre

Your endocri­nol­o­gist will eval­u­ate your con­di­tion to help decide which mon­i­tor is best for you. Cov­er­age for this device is not uni­ver­sal and depen­dent on insur­ance plan.