Receiver in the Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids

Receiv­er in the Canal hear­ing instru­ments have quick­ly become one of the most pop­u­lar prod­ucts in recent years. This hear­ing aid mod­el places a speak­er in the ear canal allow­ing reduc­tion in size of behind the ear com­po­nent and a more direct trans­mis­sion of sound to your eardrum. Due to the phys­i­cal sep­a­ra­tion of the ampli­fi­er and micro­phone from the speak­er, these hear­ing aids pro­vide the advan­tages of small­er case size for improved cos­met­ics and com­fort, a more nat­ur­al sound qual­i­ty, and reduced issues with feed­back. Sev­er­al prod­ucts are now avail­able that allow Blue­tooth capa­bil­i­ties allow­ing wire­less stream­ing of phone, music or TV signals.