Sep­to­plas­ty is a sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure per­formed entire­ly through the nose, because of that there is no vis­i­ble bruis­ing or oth­er exter­nal signs. The pro­ce­dure might be com­bined with a rhino­plas­ty, in which case the appear­ance of the nose swollen and bruised around the face. Sep­to­plas­ty may also be com­bined with sinus surgery.

Surgery time aver­ages about one to one and a half hours, depen­dent on the sever­i­ty of the devi­a­tion. Sep­to­plas­ty can be done with a local or a gen­er­al anes­thet­ic, and is usu­al­ly per­formed on an out­pa­tient basis. After the surgery, the pack­ing is insert­ed into the nos­trills to pre­vent exces­sive post-op bleed­ing. Dur­ing the pro­ce­dure, bad­ly devi­at­ed por­tions of the sep­tum may be com­plete­ly removed, or they may be read­just­ed and rein­sert­ed into the nose.

If a devi­at­ed nasal sep­tum is the sole cause for your chron­ic sinusi­tis, relief from this severe dis­or­der will be achieved.