Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

Stereo­tac­tic Radio­surgery (SRS) is a spe­cial form of radi­a­tion ther­a­py that pre­cise­ly focus­es a high-dose beam of radi­a­tion, through the use of a treat­ment-plan­ning com­put­er sys­tem, to a small, local­ized area of the body. One or sev­er­al treat­ments are gen­er­al­ly deliv­ered to an area like the brain or spine. SRS is deliv­ered by a team involv­ing a radi­a­tion oncol­o­gist and neu­ro­sur­geon. The advan­tage of SRS is it deliv­ers the high­er dose of radi­a­tion to a tumor in few­er num­ber of treat­ments than tra­di­tion­al treat­ments. Addi­tion­al­ly since it is very pre­cise there is lit­tle effect on near­by organs.