Atri­al Fib­ril­la­tion (A‑FIB) is one of the most com­mon types of abnor­mal heart rhythms and may pro­duce a vari­ety of symp­toms includ­ing short­ness of breath, fatigue, and chest pain. The WATCH­MAN™ pro­ce­dure pro­vides patients with an alter­na­tive treat­ment option to long-term anti­co­ag­u­la­tion med­ica­tion, or blood thin­ners, for A‑FIB through a one-time, min­i­mal­ly inva­sive pro­ce­dure. Dur­ing the hour-long pro­ce­dure, a car­di­ol­o­gist will implant the WATCH­MAN™ device via a catheter based deliv­ery sys­tem in the left atri­al appendage (LAA). The WATCH­MAN™ clos­es the LAA to keep blood clots from form­ing in this area. Most patients return home the next day fol­low­ing the procedure.

Learn more about WATCH­MAN™ and the tech­nol­o­gy we use at Watch​man​.com.

VIDEO: WATCH­MAN™ Implan­ta­tion Technique

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