Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yel­low Fever is an infec­tion spread by a spe­cif­ic type of mos­qui­to and can be poten­tial­ly fatal. Up to 50% of infect­ed indi­vid­u­als die from this dis­ease because there is no spe­cif­ic treat­ment available.

Who should get immu­nized: The yel­low fever vac­cine is rec­om­mend­ed for any­one trav­el­ing through or to a Yel­low Fever Virus endem­ic coun­try (per the CDC), between the ages of nine months and 59 years of age.

Immu­niza­tion sched­ule: The vac­cine is giv­en as a one-time injec­tion and pro­vides life­time immunity.

Areas at increased risk include: The type of mos­qui­to that car­ries the Yel­low Fever virus is most com­mon­ly found in Africa and South America.

** Please note, the Yel­low Fever vac­cine is cur­rent­ly on a man­u­fac­tur­er back­o­rder and is unavail­able at this time. Please check the CDC web­site for vac­cine avail­abil­i­ty or rec­om­mend­ed alternatives.