Surgical Weight Loss Program

Bariatric Sur­gi­cal Options

For those inter­est­ed in a phys­i­cal, sur­gi­cal change to the diges­tive sys­tem to aid weight loss, we offer two sur­geons with years of expe­ri­ence in bariatric pro­ce­dures. Along with our bariatric doc­tor, your health will be holis­ti­cal­ly eval­u­at­ed for a shared deci­sion between the sur­geon, bariatric doc­tor, and you con­cern­ing which sur­gi­cal option will pro­vide the best out­come for life­long changes.

Sur­gi­cal Treatments

Our expert sur­geons per­form high-vol­ume bariatric pro­ce­dures, includ­ing ver­ti­cal sleeve gas­trec­to­my, Roux ‑en‑Y gas­tric bypass, and revi­sion­al surg­eries (for com­pli­ca­tions of pre­vi­ous weight loss surgery).