V-Beam Laser

V‑Beam Laser — spe­cial­ized laser used in der­ma­tol­ogy and cos­met­ic med­i­cine to treat var­i­ous skin con­di­tions caused by blood ves­sels near the skin’s sur­face. It tar­gets and coag­u­lates the blood ves­sels, reduc­ing red­ness and improv­ing skin appear­ance. Com­mon­ly treat­ed con­di­tions include rosacea, spi­der veins, port wine stains, and scars. The pro­ce­dure is typ­i­cal­ly per­formed in a der­ma­tol­o­gist’s office, and there may be mild dis­com­fort and tem­po­rary red­ness or swelling afterward.